CSR Edmonds EcoFan 250mm

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CSR Edmonds EcoFan. One of the most efficient sub-floor ventilation systems available today. Stop moisture build up and halt mould problems now with CSR Edmonds EcoFan.

Do you have asthma sufferers in your family? Why chance making them battle through another winter. Fight back with an Edmonds EcoFan.

protect your biggest investment from termites and other pests by changing the conditions they thrive in.

Designed to run 24/7 drawing fresh air into the moist sub floor area of your property. Edmonds EcoFan actively dries up potential mould farms and creates an asthma friendly, healthy home environment

  • Available in brown and white
  • Designed to help combat underfloor moisture problems
  • Full brochure available here
  • Moves a whopping 730m3 of stale, damp air per hour
  • Reversible flow direction
  • Whisper quiet operation
  • 3 Speed settings
  • Works even more efficiently when paired with weather proof louvres
  • Halts the onset of mould related problems
  • Super efficient (cost approx. $15.00/annum to run- 24/7)

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