Air conditioning
[49] categories found.
Accessories including duct sealant, paint brushes, flange & quadrant controls
Access panels for rigid ductwork
Acoustic insulated flexible ducting
Aeroflex rubber pipe wrap, tape and sheeting
Internal and external insulation for rigid air conditioning ducting and facings.
Anti vibration products
Bar Grilles
Bellmouth spigots
Boots. Side, end and universal fittings available
Branch Take Off pieces for use in ducted air conditioning systems
A range of ceiling diffusers including, round, jet, bevelled edge, flat face and Avair models
Clip-on and Top hat style pipe covers in a range of Colourbond colours to suit commercial, residential and industrial jobs.
Cushion boxes for commercial air conditioning applications. Standard and fire rated
Door grilles. Ideal for use in comms & printer rooms
Double Branch Take Off (DBTO)
Double deflection wall registers with fixed or removable core
Drip trays for condensor units
Egg crate grilles
Extractaflex PE general duty hose
Fans in-line, ceiling and wall mounted
Floor Grilles
Fire dampers
Foamseal tapes
Honeywell damper motors
Insulated R1.0 glasswool duct 6m
Linear slot diffusers
M.D.O (Multi Directional Outlet)- ABS plastic
Motorised zoned in-line damper 240 volt and manua.
Oppposed blade dampers
Nude core flexible ducting
Polyester insulated flexible ducting 6.0lm
Rangehood ducting, wall vents and accessories.
Reducing necks and frames
Hinged return air grilles with filter
Spin in spigots
Starting collars
Square to round transition pieces.
Stream splitters
Supply air V box, insulated supply plenum V box.
Tuff flex
Tapes and Wraps
Volume control blades, rapid kits and butterfly dampers
Volume control, non-return and backdraft dampers
Weatherproof louvre
Adhesive expanding tapes
Return air boxes for commercial and residential applications.
WYE pieces.