Optimo Glasswool Underfloor Insulation


With energy costs rising & temperatures becoming more & more erattic now is the time to take control of your costs by investing in underfloor insulation

Even in homes with both walls and ceilings insulated underfloor insulation is a must. Uninsulated floors can account for a losses of up to 15-20% of generated hot or cold

Save on the cost of keeping your family warm and comfortable this Winter and help your wallet along the way by installing Optimo™ underfloor insulation today

Invest in more affordable Winter warmth or cash in on Summer cool with our super dense Glasswool batts, not only can you reduce your energy costs but you can also limit unwanted outdoor neighbourhood noise from spoiling your privacy

Optimo™ is available standard in R2.1 (75mm) and R2.5 (95mm) variations to suit both 415mm and 560mm width floor joists making installation even easier- There is even a product available to suit steel frame constructions

Made from Asthma council endorsed and environmentally friendly Glasswool for peace of mind the choice is clear. Optimo™ by CSR Bradford

Features & Benefits

  • Bradford Optimo™ is manufactured under ISO 9002 Quality Systems and complies with AS4859.1
  • Boasting a solid R2.1 rating in the standard batt and R2.5 in the thicker 95mm variety
  • Higher R-Values than competing underfloor insulation solutions*
  • Reduce spending on energy costs
  • Limit noise transfer from outside
  • Perfect for existing properties and great in new homes